Engine Carbon Cleaning for all Diesel and Petrol Engines

We are able to offer Carbon Cleaning on Trucks,Vans,Motor homes,Camper Vans,4*4s,Car Engines using the very latest machines.

How does it work?

Low voltage electric current is used to split the water by electrolysis into its components, pure hydrogen and oxygen gases, commonly referred to as HHO.  To allow electric current to flow easily an electrolyte (potassium hydroxide, KOH) is added to the water, but only clean HHO gas is used to clean the engine.

HHO gases are highly effective in removing carbon deposits inside the engine using a simple procedure that requires no engine dismantling.  All that is required is for the air filter to be removed during the procedure and the Engine Carbon Cleaner connected to a mains power supply: –

  • The engine is brought up to normal operating temperature
  • The air filter is removed
  • HHO gas is fed into the air intake.
  • The engine is left idling with occasional revving, during which the carbon deposits are progressively removed and pass out through the exhaust pipe.

The combination of hydrogen and oxygen enrichment gently loosens & burns off carbon deposits. Water vapour, carbon dioxide carbon and other wastes are carried out through the exhaust.   Simple Fast and Effective

  • Cleans pistons crowns, valves, frees turbo vanes, maintains EGR valves
  • Restores performance
  • Reduces emissions
  • Improves bhp and mpg by restoring gas flow.


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we have carried out over 500 vehicles have treatment since March 2017 and the results and customer feedback have been amazing 👍Westerleigh Car Centre now have the Multi Award Winning Engine Decontamination System that removes the built up deposits and sludge that are left in the engi...
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2 weeks ago

Westerleigh Car Centre

BMW 1 series recovered in no drive.Came to a abrupt stop.
Investigated to find camshafts not turning.Removed Engine to gain access to timing chain area,found hole in timing chain cover and chain in pieces.
Has to be the worst designed engine in BMWs history.
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Somebody's gonna need a friendly bank manager.

What year was that one ? Yes a bit of a bad design putting the chain at the back off the engine where it gets hot , good engine otherwise , it’s crucial to ignore service intervals and change oil every 6 months